New Pricing and Increased Availability | HYPERStack Cell Culture Vessels | Corning

Since 2020, Corning has more than doubled our manufacturing capacity for HYPERStack vessels, upgraded the vessel's design with exterior improvements that enable faster fill and harvest, and introduced new pricing.

All to help you scale out more efficiently than ever.

With Corning HYPERStack cell culture vessels, you can scale your production from the 6,000 cm2 of a single 12-layer module to multiple manifolded 36-layer modules delivering more than 500,000 cm2 of closed system cell growth area.

New manipulation tools including the HYPERStack Nest and Corning Automated Manipulator Platform can help to improve process control by consistently placing the vessel in the optimal positions and angles during use. 

See how new pricing and increased availability of HYPERStack vessels can help you achieve your goals more cost efficiently.


Learn more about our HYPERStack features and new pricing.

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Corning HYPERStack in Action