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Close the gap between research and reality

Close the gap between research and reality

Bring novel cell therapies from the lab to clinical trials—quickly, reliably, and cost effectively.

You can trust Corning to support your cell expansion with validated products that can support standard and customized workflows, whether you’re scaling up adherent or suspension cell lines.

From our HYPER® and CellSTACK® technologies to the new Ascent™ Fixed Bed Reactor (FBR) Platform, Corning offers solutions specifically designed for adherent cell scale-up that combine greater yield efficiency, flexibility, and viable cell harvest capabilities, in a compact footprint.

In addition, we offer a range of cell culture vessels for suspension cell lines applications. From Erlenmeyer flasks to spinner flasks to rocker bags, our portfolio of quality-controlled cell culture vessels allows you to seamlessly scale-up with the peace of mind that the products you start with will be suitable for regulated drug manufacturing environments downstream.

Corning’s cell culture experience and innovative solutions are here to support your cell production goals. With our customized options and field application support, we are by your side to help you orchestrate discoveries in the lab and quickly scale-up to mass production to support bringing advanced therapies to market.


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Adherent or Suspension Scale-up? Which Is Right for Your Application?

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