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Corning® Celcor® Substrates

Corning® Celcor® Substrates

More Than 2 Billion Light-Duty Substrates Since 1974

Discover Advanced Solutions with our Ceramic Corning® Celcor® Substrates

Discover Advanced Solutions with Corning® Celcor® Substrates

Meet tomorrow’s emissions standards today with our extensive portfolio of ceramic solutions. Optimized for high performance, efficiency, and flexibility, Corning’s advanced ceramic substrates are designed to meet your most demanding gasoline and diesel system needs. 

  • Best-in-class technical expertise from the company that pioneered cellular ceramic solutions and set the standard for catalytic converters worldwide
  • Extensive product range to address tightening global standards
  • Configurations and attributes that enable a wide range of after-treatment engineering solutions

Product Highlights

  • Innovative monolithic design with enhanced durability
  • Promotes rapid light off: Low material density, low heat capacity, and high heat retention ability
  • Highly resistant to thermal shock
  • Flexible for designs requiring more surface area for same volume or lower pressure drop for same surface area

Product Attributes