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Environmental Technologies Products

Environmental Technologies Products

Environmental Technologies Products

Advanced emissions control solutions for cars, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment

With Corning substrates and filters, engine and vehicle manufacturers have options

With Corning substrates and filters, manufacturers have options

Corning produces cellular ceramic substrates for catalytic converters and particulate filters for both gasoline and diesel vehicles. These innovative environmental tech products are the keystone components of mobile pollution control systems.

We offer an extensive portfolio of environmental technology products to help major manufacturers meet emissions standards all around the world. The wide range of porosities, sizes, cell densities, and configurations of our ceramics provide design flexibility and help manufacturers meet targets for emissions reduction, fuel economy, engine performance, and system optimization.

As tailpipe emissions regulations become stricter, we remain committed to enhancing our environmental technology portfolio of proven products with reliable new solutions. Let Corning combine its system design and engineering expertise with the right product for your next application.

New Standards, Proven Solutions