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Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today

Corning is organized around business segments that represent some of the most exciting, most influential innovations in the world. For decades, we have collaborated closely with leaders in these businesses and shared our vision for how advanced glass and ceramics can help them solve tough problems.

We strategically develop our research, development, and manufacturing capabilities around what our customers need now, as well as what they’ll need in the future. We are patient, always exploring new material and process innovations ahead of the curve. But we also move quickly to help our customers capitalize on market opportunities and succeed in highly competitive global markets.

In the process, we help shape the very nature of the markets we serve.

Business Segments

Business Segments

Display Technologies

Corning’s glass substrates enable the thin, high-resolution, multi-function displays consumers demand.

Our environmentally conscious glass compositions and technological innovations help advance the display industry, creating the foundation for a range of scalable and durable electronic devices used at work, home, and on the go.

As vivid organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays and next-generation liquid crystal displays (LCDs) evolve, Corning will drive the advanced glass technologies required by display manufacturers.

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Environmental Technologies

Our materials and process expertise in ceramic substrates has made Corning a key contributor in the campaign for cleaner air for 40 years.

We develop emissions-control products for the world’s major manufacturers of gasoline- and diesel-powered engines and vehicles. Our advanced ceramic substrates and diesel particulate filters set the standard for catalytic converters and help control pollution around the world.

As the global concern for clean air intensifies, Corning’s technologies continue to advance emissions-control solutions.

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Optical Communications

Corning keeps pace with the world’s insatiable demand for bandwidth by providing optical communications solutions that put all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Our innovative optical connectivity solutions deliver high-quality broadband capabilities for the Enterprise, Carrier, and Wireless markets, as well as the expanding frontier of consumer electronic devices.

Corning’s optical communications products and services are uniquely positioned to meet tomorrow’s bandwidth demands for mobile devices, the increasing need for constant connectivity, and the growing volume of data being transmitted around the globe.

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Life Sciences

Corning helps scientists bring life-saving medicines to market through a comprehensive line of glass and plastic labware, media, and reagents for cell culture, genomics, and bioprocessing.

By supplying innovative, high-quality tools and research technologies, we support scientific advancements and help drive efficiencies for researchers and lab technicians seeking to compress costs and timelines during drug discovery.

Our industry-leading products and brands help create the next wave of possibilities in solving global health issues.

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Specialty Materials

From cover glass for consumer electronics to advanced optics for high-technology industries, Corning develops customer-driven solutions for some of the toughest optical challenges.

Our unmatched expertise in fundamental glass science and our hundreds of material formulations for glass, glass ceramics, and fluoride crystals makes this possible. Whether developing materials or building full optical assemblies or systems Corning is changing the way the world thinks about glass while inspiring new possibilities for tomorrow.

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