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Duct Cables

Duct Cables

Ducts (or conduits) offer a highly protective environment for fiber-optic cables. They are typically buried, and then the cables are air-blown, jetted, pulled or pushed into the duct.

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ALTOS® Loose Tube Outdoor Cable

The most commonly-deployed outdoor cable design, with fibre counts from 12 to 288 fibres. Loose tube cables can be blown, jetted or pulled into a duct or conduit that will protect the cable during its installed lifetime. 

Now available with gel-free buffer tubes and Corning's binderless FastAccess™ Technology from 12 to 96 fibres, for up to 70 percent faster fibre splice preparation than traditional loose tube cables. 

Gel-Free Specification Sheet >

SST- Central Tube Dielectric Armour Outdoor Cable

Featuring a single central buffer tube, this cable design is very compact, light and flexible. Available with fiber counts from 4 to 24 fibers and suitable for outdoor installation in ducts or conduits.

Gel-Free Specification Sheet >

SST-Ribbon™ Single-Tube, Gel-Free Cable

Central tube ribbon cables (totally gel-free) with fiber counts from 12 to 864 fibers, suitable for lashed aerial installation. 12 fibers are arranged in an array/ribbon, enabling mass-fusion splicing for significantly faster installation and maintenance.

Specification Sheet 12-216F >
Specification Sheet 288-864F >

RocketRibbon® extreme-density cables

Extreme-density ribbon cables that provide twice the fiber count in the same footprint as legacy ribbon cables. Available with 1,728 and 3,456 fibers and featuring a unique routable, peelable sub-unit design enabling significantly faster extreme-density installations than comparable designs. 

1728 F, SMF-28® Ultra fiber, Single-mode (OS2) Specification Sheet
3456 F, SMF-28® Ultra fiber, Single-mode (OS2) Specification Sheet