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Corning Environmental Controls Statement

Corning Environmental Controls Statement

Corning and the Environment

Corning’s steadfast commitment to its Values is reflected in our policies and practices across many critical areas, including the environment. We have long been committed not only to upholding regulatory standards, but also exceeding many of those standards by following our own rigorous guidelines.

Additionally, our deep concern for the environment is reflected in the products we make. Corning has pioneered pollution control devices for the automotive industry with our catalytic converters. Our products have eliminated billions of tons of pollutants since their introduction in 1974, and they continue to set the worldwide performance standard today. As a testament to our expertise and ingenuity, Corning has been awarded more than 200 patents for emission-control products and processes.

"Corning puts its concern for the environment into action with very straightforward philosophies. This is simply the way we do business. We care about our planet, and we care about the health and safety of everyone with whom we come into contact. Corning has come to represent high standards in environmental stewardship, health and safety, and we will continue to maintain and elevate those standards as we move into the future." 
                          - Jamie Houghton, Chairman

Corning’s Environmental Vision

Our vision is to continuously improve our environmental performance by proactively protecting people and the environment while providing a competitive advantage for our businesses.

Corning’s Environmental Policy

Corning Incorporated is committed to protecting the environment—everywhere in the world where we operate—through continuous improvement of our processes, products and services. We achieve this by:

  • Complying with and striving to exceed all applicable laws, regulations and company standards
  • Maintaining an environmental management system that ensures this policy is implemented, including:
    • Establishing goals and targets
    • Conducting environmental audits and progress reviews
    •  Communicating the policy to everyone involved
  • Implementing measures to reduce pollution, waste and energy consumption.
  • Recycling and working to create innovative new recycling opportunities
  • Promoting and increasing environmental awareness within our plants and facilities
  • Building into our research, development and engineering processes a commitment to explore the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials

In summary, Corning is committed to providing a safe work environment for employees, and a safe living environment for our neighbors.

Corning’s Environmental Commitment in Action

Our strict waste management practices minimize our impact on the environment from our manufacturing facilities around the world. We follow the standard hierarchy which calls for prevention/reduction and recycling of waste where feasible. Our Corporate Environmental Control Group manages an audit program for hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities in North America, and we have begun audits in Europe, Australia and South Africa. Our plans call for us to include China in this process in the near future.

ISO 14001 Registrations

ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies a process for controlling and improving a company’s environmental performance. Certification to this standard demonstrates compliance with the standard. Twenty-four, or 46 percent of Corning facilities have achieved ISO 14001 certification, with additional applications in progress.

We have also formalized our own Environmental Management System (EMS). The Corning EMS will ensure that all facilities have an EMS that resembles ISO 14001, but provides for internal certification. In addition, the Corning EMS provides a roadmap for Corning facilities to achieve World Class Environmental Management Systems.