Corning CEO Honors the Company’s “Class of ’41” and “Class of ’66”

Corning CEO Honors the Company’s “Class of ’41” and “Class of ’66”

Corning CEO Honors Retirees

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Corning CEO Honors the Company’s “Class of ’41” and “Class of ’66”
Corning CEO Honors the Company’s “Class of ’41” and “Class of ’66”
CORNING, N.Y. | Corning Incorporated | June 15, 2016

Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today honored those who began their careers with the company 50 and 75 years ago. The annual Service Awards luncheon, held at the Corning Museum of Glass, recognized 95 employees and retirees who started their careers with the company in 1966, and eight retirees who began their careers with Corning in 1941.

Wendell P. Weeks, Corning Incorporated’s chairman and chief executive officer, hosted the luncheon and told attendees, “You’ve all played a key role in Corning’s success, and we’re honored to recognize you for your service.”

Weeks recounted key events that occurred in the world in 1941 and 1966, and also drew comparisons with how Corning operated in those times and today.

“While our products and markets have changed since 1941 and 1966, we continue to operate diverse businesses and participate in important industries,” Weeks said. “I always enjoy these trips down memory lane because they remind me what a special company we’re all part of: a company that has stood the test of time; a company that continues to evolve to meet the needs of changing markets; a company that makes things that really matter to the world.”

Following Weeks’ remarks, each member from the “Class of ’66” was recognized and presented a check for $1,000. Those from the “Class of ’41” were also honored and presented a check for $2,500.

“Class of ’41” 75-Year Members:

George Bronson, Andrew Dominick, Clara English, Micheline McKinney, Loren Morse, Chester Nixson, Melvin Rose, and Allen Scranton.

“Class of ’66” 50-Year Members:

Norman Allen, Gary Aumick, John Balcerek, Glenn Banfield, Gladys Bannon, Elsene Bartlett, George Brewster, Thomas Brockway, Beverly Brown, Sylvia Brown, Bernard Buck, Gerald Caruso, James Casolo, Beverly Causer, Zung-Sing Chang, William Christoff, Kenneth Chyung, James Cochran Jr., Robert Colegrove, David Cornell, Alfred Dalrymple, Paulette Daniels-Hill, Dale Dates, Roy Davis, Barbara Dolley, Alan Donnelly, Maude Dunning, Patricia English, Roy Farr, Ronald Fasick, Kathy Foley, Gordon Foster, David Fuller, Thomas Gardner,

Norman Garrity, Frederick Gassmann Jr., Clifton Genge, Emma Gerow, Joseph Giardina, Albert Gossie, William Hanshaw, Noel Harding, Leroy Hersh, Francis Knapp, Gerhard Konig, Jon Krebs, Floyd Marley, Mahesh Mathur, Donald McConnell Jr., Ann Neumire, Leon Newton, Hans Oberlander, Ed O'Brien Jr., Jesse O'Bryan, Dennis O'Connell, Michael Owdienko Jr., Charles Parker Jr., Richard Pierce, Geraldine Pipe, Neal Pipe, Lawrence Rajnik, Carl Rosenblatt, Janet Schroeder, Marie Scouten,

Suresh Shah, George Simmons, William Skelly, Charles Skinner Jr., Clinton Smith, Harold Smith, Richard Smith, Mary Smyers, Richard Snyder, Nancy Southard, James Spaulding, Sylvia Spear, Simon St. Laurent, Ken Sugawara, Stephen Susch, Mae Tanner, Michael Teter, Reginald Tostanoski, Diana Tschantre, Carol Turner, Brian Tyndell, Donald Ulens, Lloyd Van Pelt, Mary Webster, Barbara Wellington, Ralph Westwig, George Wheeler, Robert Wich, Linda Woloson, Nancy Woodcock, Carol Youmans, and Stanley Young.

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