Corning Cable Systems Introduces LANscape® Pretium® Evolved-Density, Growth-Enabled Solutions for Data Center Applications

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Corning Cable Systems Introduces LANscape® Pretium® Evolved-Density, Growth-Enabled Solutions

Corning Cable Systems Introduces LANscape® Pretium

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Corning Cable Systems Introduces LANscape® Pretium® Evolved-Density, Growth-Enabled Solutions for Data Center Applications
Corning Cable Systems Introduces LANscape® Pretium® Evolved-Density, Growth-Enabled Solutions for Data Center Applications
Berlin | Corning Incorporated | June 22, 2009

Corning Cable Systems LLC, part of Corning Incorporated’s (NYSE:GLW) Telecommunications segment, introduces its LANscape® Pretium® Evolved-Density, Growth-Enabled (EDGE) Solutions, high-density preterminated optical cabling solutions for the data center environment.

Pretium EDGE Solutions allow for up to 35 percent faster deployment, up to 25 percent faster moves, adds and changes (MACs), and offer up to 100 percent more density than traditional preterminated solutions.

Enabled by Corning® ClearCurve® multimode fiber, Pretium EDGE Solutions feature preterminated and tested multi-fiber assemblies, or trunks, with a minimum bend radius as small as five times the outer diameter of the cable, compared to 10 times in traditional trunks. Pretium EDGE Solutions trunks are an average of 30 percent smaller than traditional trunks:

The cable can be more tightly routed around corners and bends, and extra slack can be coiled without causing attenuation that may adversely impact system performance. Pretium EDGE Solutions interconnect cables enable more cables to be routed and stored in the same amount of space without interfering with initial installation or MACs.

Pretium EDGE Solutions Housings are available in both 1U and 4U sizes and mount in 19-inch racks or cabinets. When combined with Pretium EDGE Solutions trunks and jumpers, they provide an industry-leading LC connector termination density of 576 fibers within a single 4U housing. Pretium EDGE Solutions Housings contain 12 individually-sliding trays that can accommodate as many as four 12-fiber LC modules or four 24-fiber MTP® Connector panels per tray. The trays allow for improved finger access of connectors and offer individual access without compromising the optical connectivity of other ports.

Modules and harnesses conveniently load into Pretium EDGE Solutions hardware from either the front or the rear, and correct fiber polarity is guaranteed throughout the systems’ link. With modules offering an insertion loss of 0.5 dB, multiple connections in a network link are allowed when deploying a TIA-942-compliant system.

With Corning Cable Systems LANscape Pretium EDGE Solutions, there are only four steps required to install the optical network:  pull the cable assembly, mount the hardware, plug in the connectors, and test the system.

LANscape® Pretium® Solutions products are packaged in up to 60 percent recycled material, and the packaging is 100 percent recyclable.

Multimode fibers have many modes of light traveling through the core of the fiber. These modes have a tendency to leak from the core under tight bending conditions. The resulting additional signal loss can cause system downtime or reduced network efficiency. Corning® ClearCurve® multimode fiber is designed to confine these modes within the fiber’s core; the result is a significantly stronger optical signal and a reduced risk of network downtime under situations such as tight bends and patch cords pinched in housing doors.

Data center requirements are constantly changing and evolving, and a network is not useful if it cannot manage today's requirements as well as what is to come. Pretium EDGE Solutions meet the requirements of 100G Ethernet when necessary, and its universally-wired components provide a simple upgrade path between 2-fiber and parallel optic applications. Additionally, modular components allow the network to change as often as the requirements.

To learn more about Pretium EDGE Solutions, visit the Web page at, or visit Corning Cable Systems at the following tradeshows:

• 2009 BICSI European Conference & Exhibition, June 22-24 in Dublin
• 2009 DatacenterDynamics Conference & Expo, June 23 in Madrid
• 2009 LANline Tech Forum, “Cabling, Network and Data Centre Infrastructure," June 23 in Zurich

For additional information on Corning Cable Systems products and services, contact a customer service representative at +49-800-2676-4641 or toll free at +49 0800 CORNING1 or visit the Web site at

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