Creating a connected senior living experience

Stay ahead of your community’s technology needs

As adults who are accustomed to smart phones, smart homes, and social media start to look at their senior living options, reliable connectivity is a key consideration. Once these connected seniors move in, properties have to keep up with growing technology demands by maintaining Wi-Fi, cellular, A/V security cameras, access controls, and the like.

As a result, property managers and IT teams must find new ways to move more data and power more devices to ensure a comfortable, connected, and safe experience for their residents, guests, and employees. From introducing telehealth services, infection-control applications, or resident engagement devices, having a flexible network can make it easier and more cost-effective to bring these new technologies to your community. So maybe now’s the time to build your network differently.

Corning is here to help you with a future-ready network that will deliver the bandwidth and flexibility your facility needs.

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Property owners, operators, and managers

Improving senior living care, comfort, and safety is your top priority, and keeping them connected is an important part of that. As communities change and grow so do your technology plans. Whether you choose to partner with a service provider, have your own IT team, or provide technology packages directly to your residents, Corning can help you design a flexible network to stay ahead of your technology needs.

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The IT specialist

Adding connectivity at your property doesn’t mean adding network complexity. With Corning fiber-to-the-edge solutions, you can simplify your infrastructure, which means streamlined monitoring and management for you, while incorporating in-demand applications like sensors, cameras and Wi-Fi for facilities managers as well as the end users in the community.

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