Software Defined Local Area Network (SD-LAN)

A New Way to Network

Corning® software-defined local area network (SD-LAN) solution utilizes fiber’s superior reach and unlimited bandwidth to provide a highly scalable converged networking approach. Delivering single-mode fiber and power to the network edge, our solution creates a technology-neutral network. Supporting both active Ethernet as well as passive optical LAN over a software-defined network architecture, our SD-LAN solution features application automation, policy, and simplicity to operations.

Network managers benefit from future-ready connectivity inside buildings with the ability to converge multiple technologies over a single, simplified infrastructure that supports LAN, Wi-Fi, cellular, audio visual, security, building automation, and more over the lifetime of the building with little to no new cabling. This intelligent solution reduces switches, which can help speed up network performance and minimize overall network complexity.

What is Software Defined Networking?

What is Software Defined Networking?

Software Defined networking decouples hardware and software. Specifically, it separates control logic which is centralized from forwarding logic which remains on the hardware. The hardware is often referred to as a whitebox because its functionality is programmable.

What does a SD-LAN installation look like?

A fiber deep and SD-LAN network can be set up as a point to point network or a point to multipoint network depending on your requirements.  Here are two simple diagrams illustrating the equipment layout in the MDF, IDF and the edge of the network

Software-defined networks and passive optical LAN


The architectural flexibility offered by SDN combined with POL opens new doors for enterprise networks.

Combining Fiber Deep architecture and SD-LAN creates a network with tremendous flexibility, scale and centralized control. Learn why this next generation LAN can meet your current network needs and prepares you for the future in this article published in Cabling and Installing Magazine.

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The fiber optic evolution of In-Building Networks


The fiber optic evolution of In-Building Networks

Watch this in-depth conversation with Corning's solutions architect, Jason Greene, where he discusses where we believe the network is evolving and how fiber deep architecture and SD-LAN help meet todays and tomorrow's network challenges. 

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Delivering tomorrow’s healthcare network today


Delivering tomorrow’s healthcare network today

Healthcare providers face some of the most complex networking challenges because of the diverse monitoring and equipment demands.  Our recent article in Cabling and Installation Magazine discusses how to prepare your healthcare network for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

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Corning’s SD-LAN Solution: A Closer Look

Corning’s SD-LAN Solution: A Closer Look

Corning’s SD-LAN combined with remote powering and a fiber network provide what we at Corning call a Power and Fiber Deep Architecture. This SD-LAN architecture provides future technology readiness, long distance reach and high bandwidth capacity and is ideal for converged networks. SD-LAN provides neutral transport which protects technology investments and easily scales to accommodate new technologies and applications. SD-LAN also gives you centralized network control that simplifies network configuration and management.

Our new software-defined local area network (SD-LAN) portfolio, enabled by Corning® Optical Network Evolution (ONE™) solutions, provides a truly adaptable, scalable, and intelligent software-defined technology that decouples hardware and software layers, centralizing network management with flexible topology options to reduce upgrade costs.

The platform is technology-neutral, supporting active Ethernet deep into the network and passive optical LAN over a software-defined network architecture. Since the software does all the heavy lifting, it’s easy for administrators to manage traffic and customized upgrades to the network, quickly and efficiently from one centralized location. This intelligent solution reduces switches, which can help speed up network performance, and minimizes overall network complexity. A smarter network equals improved productivity, reduced costs, and a happier network administrator.

Whatever your network needs, our new ONE SD-LAN solution provides a state-of-the-art, reliable connection today, while future-ready to meet the needs of tomorrow’s applications. 

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