SpiderNet E-RAN Small Cell Management



SpiderNet is a centralized configuration, fault and performance management system that allows mobile operators to manage multiple SpiderCloud Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) small cell systems through a powerful and easy-to-use graphical interface.

SpiderNet uses TR-069, a standard protocol defined by the Broadband Forum, to manage SpiderCloud Services Nodes. Each Services Node manages all the SpiderCloud Radio Nodes connected to it and connects to the SpiderNet server in the operator’s core network through secure IPSec tunnels. On the northbound side, SpiderNet integrates with the operator’s support systems using North Bound Interfaces (NBI).

Benefits to Mobile Operator

SpiderNet supports all phases of the small cell lifecycle from provisioning, to software maintenance, to troubleshooting and optimizing the small cell network. SpiderNet provides the following benefits:

  • Accelerates time to revenue by simplifying the process of provisioning E-RANs
  • Eases ongoing maintenance by simplifying software management across multiple deployments
  • Allows rapid response to system faults or alarms, reducing overall network downtime and support costs
  • Provides the visibility and insight to optimize small cell experience

Key Features

  • Centralized management of scalable small cell systems inside the enterprise
  • Easy provisioning through intuitive GUI and pre-configured templates
  • Bulk configuration changes and software upgrades
  • Concise inventory views of Services Nodes and Radio Nodes
  • Scheduled tasks, including remote software upgrades, configuration and database backups
  • Fault and event management
  • Fault correlation and alarm forwarding to operator’s Operations Support Systems (OSS)
  • Performance management using customizable dashboard for monitoring system and cell KPIs
  • Threshold Crossing Alerts (TCAs)
  • Scalable architecture supporting future network growth
  • Authenticated and encrypted client to server sessions
  • Secure access with per user or group privileges and audit-trail logs

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