Corning ONE Remote Technology

Corning ONE Remote Technology

Corning ONE Remote Technology

MRU – Mid-Power Remote

Corning’s mid-power remote unit (MRU) provides remote indoor and outdoor coverage for the Corning optical network evolution (ONE™) solutions. It is a fibre-fed, compact, and scalable multiservice solution designed to complement the ONE platform by providing complete RF open space coverage for large-scale public venues such as campus applications. The MRU supports up to seven bands. It enables multiple wireless technologies and operator services to be distributed over a single broadband infrastructure. The MRU can be deployed in new sites or alongside existing lower-power RAU/RAU5 remotes, sharing a common headend and element management system. Alongside ONE solutions deployments, the MRU provides a comprehensive indoor and outdoor coverage solution for varying site requirements, supporting everything from high-rise buildings and campus topologies to stadiums and airports. Management and configuration options are provided for each MRU service via a Web session to the headend control module (HCM).

The MRU complements the Corning optical network evolution (ONE™) solutions, providing a complete solution consisting of headend elements (i.e., HEUs, OIUs and/or IHUs) and MRUs at the remote locations alongside any other system remotes (e.g., RAUs) that are either installed or being installed at the site. In the downlink, at the headend, BTS/BDA RF signals are conditioned by service-specific RIMs installed in the headend unit (i.e., HEU/IHU), ensuring a constant RF level. The conditioned signals are then forwarded to the OIU and converted by the OIMs to an optical signal for transporting over single-mode fibre to the MRUs at the remote locations. All mobile services are combined and distributed through a single antenna port over the broadband antenna infrastructure installed at the remote locations. In the uplink, the process is reversed. The headend control module (HCM v1.6 and higher) enables centralised, single-source local and remote management of all ONE solution elements.

RAU5x – Five Band Remote

The five-band remote access unit (RAU5x) is a compact, fibre-fed, indoor coverage remote for the Corning® optical network evolution (ONE™) solutions. RAU5x is a multiservice remote that distributes up to seven single-input, single-output (SISO) services. The RF services are received over optic cables and converted for distribution over external vertical, directional, omnidirectional antennas via external QMA antenna ports. In addition, the RAU5x enclosure can host the Gigabit Ethernet module (GEM) enabling offload, expansion, and effective use of Wi-Fi resources. Management and configuration options are provided for each RAU5x service via a web session to the headend control module (HCM) installed at the headend site.

RAU5x distributes the wireless and Ethernet services received over the fibre optic infrastructure from the Corning® optical network evolution (ONE™) solutions headend. The RAU5x is a service-specific module supporting five SISO services that performs optical to RF conversion of signals received from the optical interface unit (OIU). Signals are automatically filtered, amplified, and distributed via external antennas. Uplink (UL) signals are then converted to optical signals before being transmitted back to the OIU.

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