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Storage / Handling / Cleaning Recommendations

Summary of main user guidelines :

Quality excellence is Corning's commitment. To ensure an optimum use of our products, we have developed a range of support documents providing guidelines about storage, handling and cleaning of our products.

Storage: The high barium and lead content of CORNING shielding glass products makes them susceptible to staining by acids and alkalis. We recommend this glass is not to used or stored in conditions that will result in exposure to acid gases or excessive humidity.

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Handling: It is advisable to wear cotton gloves when handling the glass. Any fingerprints should be removed as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining on the glass surface. Adhesive stickers may also stain the glass in a non-reversible way.

►General Handling Recommendations

Cleaning: Only water, non-abrasive cleaning agents and soft cloth can be used to clean our radiation shielding glass. As a safety precaution the cleanser should not be in contact with the glass for more than 30 seconds before wiping/rinsing/drying.

The above recommendations apply to direct contact with Corning shielding glass. Please follow carefully the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer, or your supplier who has incorporated our protective glass into your equipment. If the CORNING radiation shielding glass has been laminated with float glass, the cleaning procedure of the latter surface may be more tolerant.

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