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Precision and Inspection Optics Capabilities

Precision and Inspection Optics Capabilities

Corning’s core capabilities and ability to successfully integrate them translates into full service for our customers. Vertically integrated from Design through Manufacturing our team will translate your specifications into a product that performs, materials and components, optical elements, complex multi-element optical assemblies, modules and fully aligned opto-mechanical assemblies and systems. Corning’s product development process leverages our best practices developed over 60 years of experience to reliably deliver projects on time within budget.

Precision Optics Fully Integrated Capabilities

Optical Design and Analysis custom optical designs delivered that factor in cost and design for manufacturing from the start.

Mechanical Design and Analysis long life mechanical designs to support optical assemblies and modules in your environment.

Software Algorithms and Controls custom interfaces and control strategies.

Mechanical Fabrication high precision mechanical fabrication capability for prototypes and adjustments, cost effective sourcing of volume mechanics

Optical Fabrication – refractive and reflective capabilities to deliver 1 to 350 mm diameter precise optical spheres, planos, and aspheres from a wide range of materials to support your specifications.

Optical Coatings – reflective, anti-reflective, lifetime enhancing.

Precision Assembly – experienced flexible assembly.

Systems Metrology – development of test strategies and benches to support customer specifications.

Manufacturing Data Management – flexible delivery of test data supported by our ISO 14001 manufacturing environment.

Contamination Control – variety of clean rooms to support the needs of your wavelengths including molecular cleanliness for DUV.

Attribute Performance Ranges

Custom Refractive Optics

Conventional Grind and Polish

  • Produces finished spherical, aspherical and flat optical surfaces
  • Surface accuracy to 2 millionths of an inch
  • Surface quality to 20/10 and <1 nanometer roughness

Diamond Turning

  • Produces finished aspherical, freeform and spherical optical surfaces
  • Surface accuracy to < 6 millionths of an inch
  • Surface roughness to1.5 nanometers

Testing with White Light Interferometer, Profilometers, and Phase Shifting Interferometry