Corning AFR host Inaugural Reactor Technology Conference in India

Over thirty companies connected during the inaugural AFR Reactor Technology Conference in Hyderabad, India. The event offered a platform for new and existing Corning Advanced-Flow™ reactor (AFR) customers in India to discuss continuous flow reactor and AFR technologies.

Developing on the success of a similar conference held in Changzhou, China, the Indian event created a platform for experts from business and academia to collaborate within the same space. Discussions and presentations focused on safety and the seamless transition from lab feasibility to industrial-scale, multi-ton production of chemicals for a variety of industrial applications. “It seems that there is an emerging trend of more and more industries moving towards continuous flow technologies; which is an inherently safer technology,” said Bipul Singh, Regional Director.

Successful innovation and continuous system improvements allow AFR products to offer industry-leading technologies to the micro-reactor sector. Corning’s reactors provide customers with a cost-effective solution, specialized engineering support, and more than 160 years of materials and process expertise.

Presenters represented a broad range of expertise from business and academia. Alessandra Vizza, regional business director, Corning AFR, shared her experiences on AFR’s global impact and how the technology is changing the batch reactor industry. Uttam Joshi, from Laurus Labs, discussed safety and process optimization. Sandip Darji from SunPharma, shared his experiences in the adoption of AFR’s technology for Photo Reaction Applications. Dr. Nirav Bhatt from IIT Madras continued the discussion on safety and PAT Tools by highlighted how Corning and IIT Madras’s partnership led to the opening of new dimensions towards Industry & Academia interactions.

Presentations were capped off with a panel discussion focused on industry barriers related to dosing solutions, static current, and process optimization. Panel members touched on ARF’s increasing global adoption and how the Indian market presents a significant growth opportunity for the company. “This conference highlights AFR’s successful adoption in India and across the globe. Recent Qualified Lab openings at Fuzhou University and the University of Liège, the Reactor Technology Conference in Changzhou, China, and this event are all examples of AFR’s growing presence around the world,” said Alessandra Vizza, Regional Business Director.