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Corning Innovation Turns Memories into Masterpieces

With MASTERPIX™ Fine Glass Prints, you can now print your photos on thin, durable, optically clear Corning® Gorilla® Glass, which has been used as a cover glass on 5 billion electronic devices around the world.

The same tough, damage-resistant glass that helps protect your phones and tablets is now available in glass prints to help preserve your most cherished moments.  Photos from family events – vacations, graduations, weddings or birth of a new baby – can easily be transformed into a lasting gift with MASTERPIX Fine Glass Prints.

Glass Prints: Your Piece of Corning Innovation

While many retailers offer a print-on-glass option, MASTERPIX glass prints utilize Corning innovation to turn your photos into a work of art.  

MASTERPIX glass prints are not just printed on glass as they are at other manufacturers.  Your photo is ink-jet printed using ultraviolet-cured (UV-cured) specialty inks onto Gorilla Glass.  MASTERPIX glass prints are made using a multi-step process that not only preserves precious photos for years to come, but transforms your photo into a vibrant piece of art suitable for tabletop or wall display.

The four-layer process to create a MASTERPIX glass print begins with a primer that adheres to the back surface of the Gorilla Glass (layer 1).  Next, your image is printed using UV-cured inks onto that primed layer (layer 2).  Next, white ink (for opacity) is printed on the image layer (layer 3), and finally an anti-splinter film (layer 4) is applied to protect the inks from scratches and better hold the glass together in the event of breakage*.

Glass Prints: More than a memory

The quality of a MASTERPIX glass print coupled with your personalized photo can become a treasured family heirloom.  The specialty UV-cured inks used during the printing process ensure your print is brought to life on glass in vibrant, long-lasting color.

It only takes minutes to upload your photos to the MASTERPIX website to create an elegant, lasting and beautiful fine glass print.  There are numerous sizes and options for wall mounting or tabletop display. In addition, you can choose to display your print in a frame, or leave it unframed for a sleek, modern look.

Coming soon to the recently launched Parabo app on Apple’s iOS App Store is a translucent MASTERPIX print, which can’t be achieved with paper or other high-end substrates.  This unique MASTERPIX translucent print will only be available via the Parabo app.

MASTERPIX is just one of the many ways Corning is continuing to push the envelope on the capabilities of what glass can do.



* MASTERPIX is a glass product.  Please handle with care.  If dropped or mishandled, any glass can break and cause personal injury. Do not bend or twist.