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Corning Incorporated is committed to furthering arts and culture in the communities it operates in and around the globe.

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The Ethnically Diverse Group of Employees (EDGE) affinity group brought a special performance to Corning's Sullivan Park this month for its Annual Meeting. Featuring the ROAD OF CREATIVITY orchestra, the meeting used music and lecture to look at diversity.

ROAD OF CREATIVITY performed a set of songs, with members of the group speaking in between to the full auditorium at Innovation Hall. The keynote speaker and orchestra leader demonstrated how diversity breeds creativity, innovation, and new opportunities by relating the experience of her musical group. She explained that her orchestra members come from different musical backgrounds, from rock to classical. What's more, the musicians have a 26-year age range between them. Playing with such diversity brings the group perspectives that they feel are essential in pushing their own creativity and methods for solving problems.

Corning Celebrates Unveiling of CMoG Wing

The Corning Museum of Glass unveiled its new Contemporary Art + Design Wing which will aid CMoG in its mission to tell the world about glass. Community and government leaders, museum lovers, and supporters from the company filled both floors of the museum to watch the ribbon cutting and then get a chance to enjoy the new space.

CMoG’s new wing is the largest space in the world devoted to the display and creation of contemporary art and design in glass. The $64-million expansion was fully funded by Corning and features a 100,000-square-foot addition, which includes a 26,000-square-foot gallery space and a 500-seat live glass demonstration facility. Corning founded CMoG in 1951 to celebrate the remarkable material that was glass.