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Fast Tracking Discovery—From Lab to Market

Fast Tracking Discovery—From Lab to Market

From existing therapies to those currently in clinical trials, lentiviral vector (LV) adherent cell culture continues to be dependable way to develop and study innovative therapeutic interventions in healthcare.

LV adherent cultures offer specific properties that make them a logical choice, such as the ability to target non-dividing cells, integrate their genetic cargo into a target chromosome, and increase their versatility by modifying various molecular properties.

But scaling up LV adherent cultures from 2D, single-use vessels to large-scale, production-ready quantities is no easy task. And it is critical to take into consideration the footprint, quality of the cell lines, and operational reproducibility when scaling-up.

To that end, Corning offers a portfolio of innovative solutions—from the new Ascent™ Fixed Bed Reactor (FBR) System to our HYPERStack®, CellStack®, and CellCube® culture chambers to specialty surfaces like our Ultra-low Attachment surface. Look to our decades-long expertise in cell culture product development, and our knowledgeable field application support specialists, to help guide your next LV culture application.

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