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Collect and Protect Your Cells

Collect and Protect Your Cells

Following your scale-up process, it is time to harvest your cells and prepare to move to downstream manufacturing steps or to cryopreserve cells.

For cell processing, Corning offers closed system solutions to ensure a contamination-free filtration process. These closed system solutions are ready-to-use, eliminating the time and expense of sourcing and assembling your own closed system. Couple that with sterility assurance and manufacturing compliance, and you have all the tools you need to customize a process to streamline a viable cell collection.

And for freezing and preserving your cell therapy collection, Corning offers a portfolio of cryogenic storage products, from Corning® CoolCell® controlled-rate, alcohol-free cell freezing systems to cryogenic vials and bags, all designed to protect your valuable cell lines.

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