For Sleek Interiors, Glass Laminates Are a Cut Above

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Inspiration: Feature Story

Inspiration: Feature Story

For Sleek Interiors, Glass Laminates Are A Cut Above

Glass Laminates Are A Cut Above

Video series explores why thin, lightweight glass fits right into contemporary homes

Why is today’s super-slim glass grabbing the enthusiastic attention of contemporary kitchen and bathroom designers?

The latest installment in Corning’s “Inspired by Glass” video series answers that question by showing how laminates made with ultra-slim glass can be precisely cut and contoured right at the work site.

The video shows how builders only need common construction tools when cutting sheets of the smooth, tough laminate. Contractors can easily use routers to insert holes for electrical plates or wires using accurate, on-site measurements -- thus eliminating the need for costly customization at an off-site factory.

Once in place, thin glass laminates are also ideally suited to the tough conditions they can face in a high-use area like a kitchen or bathroom.

A coarse kitchen scrubber, for instance, will easily scratch a stainless steel kitchen surface. A glass laminate, by contrast, shows no hints of damage, even after a vigorous scrubbing with a coiled-steel pad.

And the brilliant transparency of thin glass lets every aspect of the laminate substrate material shine through – resulting in a scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surface with a sleek, contemporary style.

View the full “Inspired by Glass” video above.