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Suppliers play an important role to ensure purchase transactions accurately represent contractual requirements, are error free, and facilitate timely payments. Corning’s policies require that all goods and/or services be purchased using an approved Purchase Order or P-Card.

In addition to stated terms and conditions and other contractual requirements, Supplier transactional responsibilities include the following:

Purchase Order Review and Acceptance

Unless otherwise specified in a contract, Purchase Orders must be received from an authorized Corning representative before a product can be shipped or a service performed. The information on the Purchase Order is binding and drives all downstream transactions (including payment). It is the supplier's responsibility (prior to fulfillment) to validate that Purchase Orders represent accurately the terms of sale (what is being delivered, pricing, unit of measure, etc.).  Suppliers must notify Corning of any changes and receive a Corning Change Order to confirm agreement before the order is shipped and/or service provided.  Fulfillment/invoicing which deviates from the Corning Purchase Order will cause errors and payment processing delays.

Shipment & Delivery

Delivery of goods or services must be performed in accordance with the Purchase Order requirements. Shipment of products must be delivered to the stated ship to address on the Purchase Order. All product shipments must include an itemized Packing Slip in each container or package. Minimally, Packing Slips must include:

  • Corning's authorized Purchase Order number
  • The Purchase Order Line Item number(s)
  • Description of line item(s)
  • Manufacturer Part Number (if applicable)
  • Quantity and UOM of line item(s)
  • Supplier Packing Slip Number (shipment identification number)

Other requirements may apply based on transportation, supply chain, or commercial requirements.

Receiving is required in order to systemically match and generate payments to Corning's Suppliers. To ensure accurate and timely receiving and therefore payments:

  • The required pack slip information (listed above) must accurately match the Corning Incorporated PO. Missing or incorrect packing slip information will require follow-up and will also cause delays to receiving and payment.
  • Ship only to the address specified on the PO, deliveries made to individuals or to locations other than the PO ship to address will cause delays in receiving.
  • Notify the Corning requester/buyer prior to Purchase Order acceptance when product delivery cannot be made as specified on the Purchase Order.
  • Clearly indicate on the packing slip when items have been purchased using a Corning Incorporated P-Card, or have been provided as samples (no charge, no PO).

Over Shipments

Unless otherwise stated in contractual instructions, shipments cannot exceed stated quantities on the Purchase Order. Over shipments will require the issuance of a PO Change Order. The supplier must notify the Corning requester/buyer to authorize the over shipment. The Corning requester/buyer must issue the appropriate change order prior to delivery of quantities in excess of the purchase order request.

Invoice and Payment

Payment requests to Corning must match the Purchase Order and Shipment information. Prior to invoice submission, suppliers must verify that the invoice accurately matches the Purchase Order requirements and the products or services delivered. If there is a discrepancy, the supplier must notify the Corning requester/buyer prior to invoice submission for resolution. This may result in a change order being issued (by the Corning requester/buyer) to ensure that the Purchase Order, Shipment, and invoice information matches.

Corning Incorporated requires basic information from suppliers in order to process an invoice:

  • The Corning Purchase Order number and Purchase Order Line number must appear on the invoice for all services and products ordered using this tool.  If no Purchase Order is required, the requester name, their Corning address and telephone number must appear on the invoice.
  • The invoice must match line item numbers, descriptions, quantities, and prices with the corresponding information on the purchase order. If the information does not match exactly, payment may be delayed. Only one Purchase Order per invoice will be allowed. (Please see additional Invoice requirements below)
  • Use the "Ship To" and "Bill To" Address as specified on the Purchase order.
  • Do not invoice for items that are not on the purchase order.
  • Do not invoice prior to the shipment of materials ordered, or prior to the delivery of services.
  • Invoices(NORTH AMERICA)must be:
    • Emailed to
    • More than one invoice may be submitted in a single email provided each invoice has a separate file attachment. (i.e. each invoice needs to be its own attachment.)
      • Subject line to include; supplier name and invoice number(s)
      • File name to include;  supplier name and invoice number(s)

Send in one of the following file formats: .pdf, .jpeg, or .tiff.

  • Excel and Word documents are editable formats and will no longer be accepted.
  • DO NOT send image and non-image files in the same email.

Send only invoices to

In the case that an email address is provided on PO, please email requested documents to the appropriate contact indicated.

Corning encourages invoice consolidation; however, any invoices that are consolidated must be related to the same purchase order. Submitting a single invoice containing items from multiple purchase order numbers is not acceptable and will be rejected.

Please review the Sample Invoice which illustrates Corning's requirements. Invoices may vary in their appearance and layout, although they must contain all of the information outlined on the example. Invoices that do not contain all the required information will be returned to the supplier resulting in a delay of payment.

Corning requires invoices by email for POs originating from US locations to: Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions at (607) 248-1200, option 1.

Invoices for POs originating from Non-US Corning locations should be submitted according to the bill-to instruction on the PO Form.

Payment Terms & Options

Payment dates are calculated from the date Corning receives a good invoice (per the sample invoice requirements) and the payment terms.

When submitting invoices, the preferred method of delivery is via electronic means, such as email or eInvoicing solutions.  Fax and paper invoices are accepted only if electronic solutions are not possible.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Automated Clearing House (ACH) are Corning’s preferred payment methods and we encourage suppliers enroll in one of these programs. For details on enrolling in the Corning EFT or ACH program, visit Supplier Payment Options.