Corning Lab Products That Are Winning Scientists Over Worldwide | Corning

Published April 28, 2022

The following article originally appeared on March 17, 2022 in SelectScience here.

From pipet tips to centrifuges, discover the lab products that are making a difference for scientists around the world

Scientists understand the necessity of having precise, efficient, and dependable laboratory equipment. At SelectScience®, our goal is to provide a platform for knowledge transfer in the form of unbiased, fully moderated laboratory product reviews, enabling scientists to make informed decisions about their purchases. 

From pipet tips to centrifuges, discover five Corning lab products that have received stellar reviews from scientists and laboratory professionals from around the world. Why not leave your own review if you found them useful? You might be able to assist your peers.

Axygen® MultiRack Pipet Tips, 300 µL, Extended Length, Maxymum Recovery® Surface

“We use the 20-1250 uL Maxymum Recovery Axygen pipette tips across all our labs. Some people would say 'it's just a tip' but we receive reliable and accurate liquid dispensing from this product. This is important when we are working with high-cost low volume reagents. We love the extended length to be able to reach the bottom of 15/50 mL centrifuge tubes!”

Craig Carpenter, Mogrify Ltd

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Corning® 15 mL PP Centrifuge Tubes, Bulk Packed with Plug Seal Cap

“These tubes always hold up and never leak, if threaded properly. They can maintain sterile sample storage integrity with ease. I always use these tubes exclusively.”

Lauren Etges, ImmunoVision, Inc

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Corning® 50 mL PP Centrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom with Corning® CentriStar™ Cap, Universal Rack Packed

“The conical bottom tubes were very easy to use. They sealed tightly, so nothing leaked out. We have had nothing but excellent after-sales care from the sellers and manufacturer. We also think these are a great value for the cost.”

Mary Hicks, St. Luke's Mountain States Tumor Institute

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Corning® LSE™ Compact Centrifuge, 230V, EU Plug

“I used Corning LSE Compact Centrifuge with no problems whatsoever. So far it has never failed me. I use it to separate carbon nanotubes and other carbon-based materials.”

Asaf Avnon, BIU

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Corning® LSE™ Low Speed Orbital Shaker, with Flat Platform, 120V

“Excellent value for the money. This shaker has a wide range of speeds and good size platform. It is stable and reliable with the added bonus of a timer.”

Kathy Barber, University of Western Ontario