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Compatible with most robotics and fluid handlers, our automation friendly HTS systems increase growth area and yield. Each is packaged complete with reservoir and receiver plates, so there's no need to purchase parts separately. Customized products are available to meet special requirements.

Corning also offers high throughput screening (HTS) insert plates. These are arrays of individual cell culture inserts connected by a rigid, robotics-friendly holder. This single-unit design makes insert plates ideal for running automated, high throughput drug transport (Caco-2 cells) cell toxicity studies or cell migration and invasion studies.

Corning HTS insert plates and systems feature inserts with aour unique self-centering hanging insert design, which prevents media from wicking between insert and plate well. The design of the inserts It also keeps the membrane just off the well bottom, preventing co-cultured cell monolayers in the lower compartment from being damaged when the insert is moved. Openings in the sides of the insert allow easy access to the lower compartment.


Uncoated and Coated HTS Insert Plates

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