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Precision glass wafers and panels enabling high performance
in consumer electronics and the Internet of Things

Corning Precision Glass Solutions offers high-precision wafer and panel format glass-based solutions, enabling higher speeds, lower form factors and enhanced optical performance in a variety of applications, including consumer electronics and the Internet of Things.

The inherent properties of glass – high optical transmission, excellent electrical performance, tight geometrical tolerances, and pristine surface quality – along with Corning’s ability to offer different compositions, shapes and form factors, position glass as the premier material for next-generation semiconductor packaging.

Backed by Corning’s over 150 years of glass and material science expertise, our unique capabilities in Surface Treatments, Material Deposition, Precision Cutting, Data Analytics and Reliable Supply help solve our customers’ toughest technology challenges.

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Mobile Phone Capabilities



The next generation of consumer devices is powered by glass. HPFS® fused silica wafers are ideal for 3D sensing applications using structured light illumination and through glass vias offer a path to smaller, higher-performance filters, which enable longer battery life. Watch to learn more.

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Augmented Reality Capabilities















The next generation of consumer devices is powered by glass. Corning’s high-index glass and unique combination of capabilities including laser-cutting, metrology, and design, enable augmented reality products with slimmer form factors and superior image quality. Watch to learn more.

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