Built for speed: ONE Wireless at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field

Texas A&M’s Kyle Field

Inspiration: Feature Story

Inspiration: Feature Story

Built for speed: ONE Wireless at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field

Built for speed: ONE Wireless at Kyle Field

New video explores how Corning’s optical fiber-based network enables the best game-day experience

On college game day, speed is essential. On the field, this means agile, quick players making touchdowns. In the stands, this means fast Wi-Fi or cellular services handling tons of data from fans on their smartphones.

In the latest installment of the “Inspired by Glass” video series, Corning teams up with Texas A&M University to showcase how the ONE Wireless Platform delivers fast, practically instantaneous connectivity to more than 100,000 Aggie fans at Kyle Field.

“In order to bring fans from the living room and into the stadium, you need to have the best fan experience possible,” said Mike O'Day, vice president, Wireless Networks, Optical Communications.

“By using the ONE Wireless Platform, an all-optical network, fans can share their experience at Kyle Field by uploading imagery, downloading live-video streams, or accessing the Internet and social media as much as they want over the cellular or Wi-Fi networks in the stadium.”

O'Day stated that Kyle Field recently set a collegiate record for the amount of data traffic over the Wi-Fi network alone that was second only the 2014 Super Bowl. That is a tremendous amount of data, and Aggie fans are noticing the faster, better connections.   

In the “Inspired by Glass” video, students, fans, and alumni shared that in the past it was tough to even make a phone call or send a text message inside Kyle Field. Now they can instantaneously share and access all the digital information and content they want right from their stadium seats.

“When renovating Kyle Field, we wanted to create one of the most cutting-edge college stadiums with the best technology for a very robust game day experience, and the Corning ONE Wireless Platform definitely delivered for our Aggie fans and visitors,” said John Sharp, Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System.

As the bandwidth and connectivity needs at Kyle Field continue to increase with each football season, Corning’s ONE Wireless Platform is ready to hit the field running.

“While we will continue to push the boundaries of what glass and optical fiber can do, today, with 105,000 fans in the stadium there’s still plenty of capacity left on this network,” said Mike.

Watch the full “Inspired by Glass” video to learn more.