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Microduct Cables

Microduct Cables

Microducts are miniaturized plastic conduits that sub-divide internal duct space into smaller compartments into which micro cables can be installed by blowing, jetting or pushing.

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MiniXtend® Cable with Binderless FastAccess® Technology

An all-dielectric miniaturized loose tube cable designed for microduct applications. Featuring industry-leading fiber density and an innovative FastAccess® Technology jacket for up to 70 percent faster cable access. Available with fiber counts from 12 to 144 fibers.

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MiniXtend® HD Cable

High-density micro cables which are 60 percent smaller and 70 percent lighter than Corning's ALTOS® loose tube cables and 20 percent smaller than Corning's standard MiniXtend® cables. Featuring Corning® SMF-28® Ultra 200 fiber and available with fiber counts from 144 to 288 fibers..

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