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WEEE Compliance Information for Corning Customers in Denmark

WEEE Compliance Information – Denmark

Corning products are sold in Denmark by distributors. The distributors act as the importer of the equipment into Denmark. Thus the distributors have the legal responsibility to comply with WEEE obligations in Denmark.

Denmark has adopted a different approach to implementing the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive from that of other EU Member States. The WEEE Directive is transposed by the Danish Order for WEEE which came into force on August 1st 2005. Under the Order, local authorities must establish a collection system for WEEE from private households (B2C WEEE) and also for WEEE from businesses (B2B WEEE). The collection system must be established by April 1st 2006 and can be in the form of:

  • A bring-it yourself scheme. This is a designated site within the Municipality assigned to receive B2C and B2B WEEE;
  • A collection scheme. This is a scheme whereby a Municipality or company gather WEEE from private households and business addresses;

Denmark is the only EC Member State in which businesses can supply their WEEE for collection and recycling alongside household WEEE through local authority collection schemes.

When equipment that you bought before April 1st 2006 becomes waste (known as Historic WEEE) we recommend that you make use of the collection scheme provided free-of-charge by your local authority. If you buy a new item of Corning equipment after April 1st 2006 to replace this Historic WEEE on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis and do not want to use the free collection scheme provided by the local authority, the distributor can arrange to collect the Historic WEEE from you at your request. However, the costs for providing this service may be included in the purchase price of the new equipment that the distributor supplies to you.

Details about your local authority's free collection scheme will be provided by the Danish WEEE System when this is formally launched. In the mean time, you can contact the technical administration team at your local authority for details about the free collection scheme that it provides.