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This bundle includes the following ebooks:

  • Ebook: Cell Therapy Production — overview of key considerations and technologies for developing and producing a cell therapy a therapeutic candidate from research scale to clinical or commercial manufacturing.
    Discover how to:
    • Make time for process development
    • Implement adherent cell culture technology for cell therapy bioprocess
    • Optimize media for cell therapy production
    • Select the appropriate scaling strategy for different applications
    • Implement closed system processes for cell therapy production
  • Ebook: Exploring What’s Possible With Stem Cell Therapies — experts explore the changing landscape of stem cell research and cell therapy production and how emerging solutions can facilitate more effective and efficient workflows.
    This ebook features:
    • Stem cell applications and therapies
    • Factors that can influence cell quality
    • Breaking through expansion barriers with scale-up strategies
    • Making the most of stem cell innovations
  • From Bench to Billions: Facilitating Scale-up of Adherent Cultures for Cell and Gene Therapies — generating the required quantity of cells efficiently is even more challenging when the cells of interest are attachment-dependent, such as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Platform choices will have significant operational and commercial impacts.
    This resource explores:
    • Considerations for creating a risk-mitigating adherent culture process for cell and gene therapy scale-up
    • Key factors that should drive your long term scale up plan
    • The operational impacts of platform choice

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