Corning’s Axygen® Microtube Shaker Marries Uniformity and Compaction | Benchtop Shaking Incubator | Corning

The following content was originally published by Biocompare on October 25, 2022.

Consistent, versatile, and compact benchtop shaking incubators are staples of modern life science labs. This is especially the case for busy labs that want to minimize hands-on time and preserve precious biological samples and expensive substrates without surrendering equally benchtop real estate. At just 200 x 235 x 120 mm, the Axygen Microtube Shaker from Corning—one of the market leaders in benchtop instrumentation for life science research—combines a minimal footprint with a thoughtful design specifically for busy molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical chemistry labs. The Axygen Microtube Shaker offers a wide speed range per block, allowing for constant mixing from 200 to 1,500 rpm with little hands-on set-up required. It ensures heating and cooling control accuracy and precision of ±0.5°C at a range of 0.1°C to 100°C and is operational over an ambient temperature range of -15°C to 100°C—making it safe for cold room use.

Nine interchangeable aluminum blocks accommodate PCR tubes and a variety of common life science vessels, ensuring the Axygen Microtube Shaker remains compatible with the varied and evolving needs of your lab. Blocks can be quickly changed without tools thanks to the magnet adhesion technology, and speed of exchange and stability are further facilitated by self-recognizing block technology. Blocks are also equipped with a lid for heat preservation, and a dedicated calibration mode allows users to quickly perform three-point temperature calibration between each load. Maximum heating and cooling rates of 5.5°C/min. and 5°C/min., respectively, ensure the flexibility and speed needed to prepare the biologic materials and substrates required for your research.

Lab managers will also appreciate the Axygen Microtube Shaker’s intuitive control panel, which allows operators to easily program uniform heating and cooling while monitoring live temperature, time, and mixing speed settings. Nine programs can be saved with up to 6 steps each. Applications for Corning’s Axygen Microtube Shaker include but are not limited to gene synthesis, gene purification and denaturation, enzymatic reactions, and bacterial growth assays. The Axygen Microtube Shaker’s combination of reliable and uniform heating, cooling, and mixing with versatile block selection ensures it will become a workhorse solution for your life science lab.