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The following article originally appeared on February 9, 2022 in SelectScience here.

Find out what scientists are saying about the lab products they use in their laboratories

Scientists are well aware of the importance of having accurate, efficient and reliable equipment in their laboratories. By sharing genuine experiences with their equipment through lab product reviews, they can help their peers worldwide optimize their work by finding the best equipment for their research. At SelectScience, our aim has always been to provide a trustworthy platform for scientists to share these experiences and help make purchasing decisions a little easier for others.

Here, we showcase six Corning lab products that scientists have rated highly. From pipets to thermal cyclers and centrifuge tubes, find out how these essential lab products have made a difference in scientists’ work. If you find these helpful, why not consider leaving a review of your own? You could help a fellow scientist.

2 mL Stripette® Serological Pipets by Corning Life Sciences

“Banana-peel plastic wrap features easy opening for aseptic removal and eliminates static cling when wearing latex gloves. You can see the polystyrene pipet through the clear plastic wrap for instant size identification. Plus, space-saving packaging reduces storage requirements, waste, and one material makes it easy to recycle.”

Alejandro Soriano, DepEd

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Axygen® MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler with 96-well block, 230V by Corning Life Sciences

“Excellent thermal cycler. It lets you apply gradients to your PCRs and perform other changes like hotstart and multiplex PCRs. It is easy to use, literally anyone can use it! Worth every dollar spent on it! Very, very recommended!”

Alejandro Gonzalez Treviño, Cinvestav

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Corning® Lambda™ EliteTouch™ Pipettors by Corning Life Sciences

“We tested these Corning multi-channels against others and found them the most comfortable to use. Also, they held on to our tips very well without any specialized tip requirements or complicating modification to the pipettor to hold on to the tips.”

Thomas Murante, University of Rochester

Corning® 250 mL PP Centrifuge Tubes with Plug Seal Cap by Corning Life Sciences

“Great for DNA/RNA isolation. Tubes can be centrifuged at a high speed without issues.”

Gursimran Dhillon, University of Maine

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Corning® Gosselin™ Petri Dishes by Corning Life Sciences

“The product is genuinely durable even when subjected to high pressure. It is convenient to use, portable and useful for my assays. It really helps when dealing with microorganisms in vitro, especially for lab work and for instructional purposes, e.g., teaching techniques for crop protection.”

Jesryl Paulite, Surigao del Sur State University

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Corning® Stripettor® Ultra Pipet Controller by Corning Life Sciences

“This pipettor is the best one I have used by far. High quality, reproducible measurements, ease of use and user friendly. Have used all the Stripettors since the first-generation model and have never been dissatisfied. Holds all volumes of pipet very snugly and buttons have a smooth action, plus unit has good battery life before needing recharging.”

Carol Horzempa, Albany Medical Center

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