Glassie Station | The Glass Age Today | Corning

CES® 2017

Immersed in the Glass Age

Glassies help CES visitors step up their selfie game, celebrate glass

Dance steps, fist pumps, even some jazz hands here and there – glass-loving techies at CES® 2017 let loose with some fun at Corning’s “Glassie” Station.

The interactive experience let each visitor interact with a transparent OLED display covered with durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass. A built-in camera captured a full-body 3D rendering.

They had five seconds to strike a pose, then hand-select  a Corning-themed background. The capacitive touch technology and Corning Gorilla Glass optically bonded to the display made it easy to virtually move their Glassie image in place.

Within moments, a short MP4 video file popped into their email, showing their 3D image dancing against the backdrop of Corning’s booth, next to the Connected Car, or with a close-up of Victor, the Corning Gorilla Glass icon.

Tailor-made for sharing on social media, Glassies soon began popping up on Twitter and Instagram under #GlassAgeToday – a clear reflection of enthusiasm for glass and its boundless possibilities.