Glass Becomes the Perfect Surface for Creative Writing and Graphic Art

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Glass Becomes the Perfect Surface for Creative Writing and Graphic Art

Glass Surface for Creative Writing and Graphic Art

Pristine, non-porous surface helps ideas and illustrations spring to life in surprising ways

Office marker boards have been used to capture creative workplace plans and inspirational ideas for decades. But with glass-covered marker boards hitting the market – and coupled with other new innovative ways glass is being used for writing and drawing – creative expression is moving to a whole new level.

Regular users of glass marker boards find the sleek, clean surface inspirational. Markers slide effortlessly over the pristine surface, with no drag or pull – a perfect complement to an atmosphere with free-flowing ideas.

The nonporous surface wipes clean quickly and easily, letting facilitators keep pace with fast-evolving brainstorms. And markings are more translucent than those on traditional melamine whiteboards, and so they lend themselves to color-blending, making graphic illustrations pop.

Heather Willems is a graphic artist and founding partner of ImageThink, a New York City firm that instantly illustrates the ideas that emerge from clients’ creative workshops, strategy sessions, speeches, and other business events.

She and her team frequently create graphic interpretations not only on glass-covered whiteboards, but full glass walls or cubes designed for writing. She finds the medium both practical and inspirational.

“We constantly hear about transparency as a value, as a leadership quality,” she says. “And when we’re interpreting people’s ideas and thoughts on these glass spaces, they’re in a space that’s literally transparent.”

ImageThink artist Yao Xia enjoys the reflective nature of glass, which fits in well with contemporary, innovative office spaces. “It’s very clean, very sleek – a much more polished surface than a traditional whiteboard.”

An abundance of glass walls and writeable glass fixtures give team members an opportunity to add their own thoughts and expressive graffiti to the office environment – then either preserve it or swipe it away.

“They can literally create their own graphic environment, based on their own creative thoughts and ideas,” says Yao.

And those ideas are likely to keep on flowing, adds Heather.

“You can write on every surface of a glass wall and it still allows light to come in,” she says. “It’s a very open experience, and that can only be good for creativity.”

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