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Specialty Surfaces

Specialty Surfaces

Specialty Surfaces

Surface Innovations: Tough glass, tough on bacteria

Corning surface innovations can enhance the touch experience on shared-use specialty surfaces like bank machines, interactive restaurant menus, and retail kiosks.

Antimicrobial Corning® Gorilla® Glass* incorporates ionic silver into the glass composition, enabling a touch surface that continuously shows a 99.9 percent reduction against a broad range of bacteria**. This functionality isn’t a coating – it’s incorporated into the glass mixture during production, and the antimicrobial properties last for the lifetime of the device. It’s the first glass of its kind to earn registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

With all the attributes of our standard Gorilla Glass – including durability against abrasion and chemical cleaning – Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass is ideal for specialty surfaces in restaurants, healthcare environments, point-of-sale retail systems, and other places where it’s important to reduce stain- and odor-causing bacteria.

Interactive work surfaces in classrooms, auditorium seating, and digital office markerboards all can benefit from Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass specialty surfaces. There’s tremendous potential for public non-interactive surfaces as well. Consider the advantages of Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass in refrigerator shelves or food shields over restaurant salad bars.

*Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass is formulated with antimicrobial properties to help protect touch surfaces from stain- and odor-causing bacteria. Corning makes no direct or implied claims to protecting users or providing other health benefits.

** Under the JIS Z 2801 test protocol.

Bright sunlight? No problem

Reflections on your glass screen are not just annoying – they can cause eyestrain and make images and text illegible.

Corning’s anti-reflective solution is a thin, inorganic film with contrasting reflective layers to counteract incoming light. The coating reduces the total reflection of any light off a Gorilla Glass surface by more than 80 percent. At the same time, it enhances color fidelity for the entire visible spectrum.

The result? Excellent optical performance and enhanced readability for displays in outdoor and brightly lit environments.

An added bonus: The anti-reflective solution also includes a thin, water-resistant topcoat that makes the surface extremely easy to clean.

Stop giving me that glare

The newest surface innovation for Corning Gorilla Glass is anti-glare technology, a specialized finish that goes beyond thin films and coatings.

Anti-glare is a microtextured surface – a chemically etched finish that’s actually part of the glass – that scatters light to ward off glare. And because the surface is manipulated at the micron scale, it remains transparent to the eye and velvet smooth to the touch.

Besides improving readability, the anti-glare solution also creates a matte finish that looks great with Gorilla Glass laminates.