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Light-Diffusing Fiber

Light-Diffusing Fiber

Light-Diffusing Fiber

Illuminating unexpected places

Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber is a glass fiber optimized for thin, colorful, ambient lighting. It lets designers incorporate decorative lighting into tight or small places where other bulky elements can’t fit.

It’s thin and lightweight – almost as fine as a human hair – and it bends with ease. Powered by a simple laser, it can be stitched into seams, wound into spirals, woven into textiles, or adhered around sharply curved surfaces.

Unlike conventional optical fiber, which is specifically designed to contain light, Fibrance technology does the opposite. Its internal structure incorporates nanostructures designed to accurately emit light in a uniform, controlled manner. Because of this composition, Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber can curve and wrap in any direction while maintaining a constant, vivid emission of light.

The purity of the glass fiber results in bright, clear colors for a vibrant glow up to 50 meters long. And when the light source switches off, the fiber is nearly invisible.

Fibrance technology offers much more than aesthetic appeal – it also can improve function and performance by putting attention where you want it.  Shadowy steps, obscure switches, retail displays, and nighttime sports gear can come to light with the help of Fibrance technology.

Why not give it a glow?

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