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GlassLab: All the World's a Stage for Designers and Glassmakers

GlassLab: All the World's a Stage

What if some of the world’s most innovative designers joined forces with skilled glassmakers to transform concept sketches into glass prototypes? What if they could come together anywhere in the world in a portable, state-of-the-art laboratory? Better yet, what if the public could watch and marvel at the creativity unfolding before their eyes?

That’s all been happening since 2006 with GlassLab, a collaboration between the Corning Museum of Glass and other world-class design museums and thought leaders in industrial, home, graphic, and even fashion design. Some of the designers that have participated in GlassLab include Wendell Castle, Massimo Vignelli, Abbott Miller, Matali Crasset, and Boym Partners.

By creating an entire glassmaking operation that can be packed into one large crate – then shipping it to wherever the designers wish to congregate – GlassLab breaks down the barriers that might otherwise prevent the intersection of design inspiration and hands-on creation.

Over recent years, GlassLab has resulted in hundreds of prototype glass products.

A few examples:

  •   Ornaments for an interior garden that meld copper cutouts with stunning glass globes;
  •   Whimsical sculptures that offer a friendly smile;
  • And a martini glass with a sculpted stem that seems to defy gravity.

All these creations draw extra inspiration from the crowds that gather to watch the action. Outdoor venues near places like the Musée des arts décoratifs in Paris form an impromptu performance-art stage – and new generations gather to see glass transformed, all the while adding their own energy to the process.

Learn more about GlassLab here.