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Remembering the Past and Looking to the Future

June 2011

This year marks Corning’s 160th year, prompting Corning and its employees to remember a very special day 10 years ago, on June 21, 2001, when Corning celebrated its 150th birthday. A spectacular fireworks display lit up the night sky, and the event has since served as a symbol of Corning’s growing strength and innovation portfolio.

Longevity for any company is always something that captures people’s imaginations, and there are only about a dozen U.S. firms that have lasted as long as Corning has. The company chose this specific day because it is the longest day of the year and is also the day with the most light. Light, playing a common theme in the use of many Corning products, from railroad lanterns and lightbulbs to optical fiber and LCD screens, made this choice appropriate.

In addition to fireworks, the celebration featured music, an address from former U.S. senator and astronaut John Glenn, and the dedication of a time capsule by Jamie Houghton and Amo Houghton Jr.

Also presented during the celebration was a sculpture entitled “Boundless Vision,” created by artist Eric Hilton and dedicated to Corning employees around the world. The Steuben Glass sculpture remains on display in the Corning Headquarters lobby.

Adaptability, innovation, adherence to core Values – those are all things that keep a company going. It was true of Corning on its 150th anniversary a decade ago, and it’s just as true today.