Remote Power Solutions

Is it time to reimagine your network infrastructure?

With the growing number of devices utilizing WiFi and cellular access points driving an increase in bandwidth and power demand, maybe it's time to design base building infrastructure differently. 

Corning’s remote power solution frees up closet space, centralizes backed-up power and environmental conditioning, and lightens the horizontal cabling and support burden by safely taking fiber and power deep into the building. Bringing power and fiber deep, our remote powering solution simplifies both the building and the network while saving labor costs through the use of composite cabling and active powering components. In some cases, high and low voltage is delivered directly to end devices such as an interactive AV display, and in other cases to smaller PoE switches to connect and power nearby access points, smart lighting, and IoT devices via short-category jumpers. The result is a future-flexible infrastructure ready to deliver connectivity, virtually unlimited bandwidth, and thousands of watts of safe power throughout your building.

Fiber vs. Copper

Fiber vs. Copper

Technology is evolving – so your network should too. Today’s operators have a better use of their time and network investments than the rip-and-replace loop of continuous upgrades common with legacy copper-based networks.

With an all-optical converged network, a single investment enables cellular and other applications in scalable, flexible designs that are more cost-effective, easier to install, take up less space, and use less energy. Future upgrades are as easy as changing faucets, not the pipes.

Copper … It’s great for pipes, not network expansion.  

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Use Case: Security

Corning Remote Power Solution Use Case: Security

Our remote power solution can help you create a safer and more connected world by enabling security cameras, wireless access points, security phones, and any PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ application. Installers, designers, and technicians who value a single, simplified infrastructure choose Corning remote power solution for the many benefits. Learn more about how our remote power solution is leveraged in security applications

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Corning's Remote Power Solution Overview

Corning's Remote Power Solution Overview

Enable Greater Access to Data and Power

Corning remote power solution lets you extend your reach – delivering reliable data and power at greater distances. Our userfriendly and cost-effective remote powering technology can be utilized to provide power to remote devices, like a distributed antenna system (DAS) remote access unit (RAU), or a software-defined access node (SDAN), sometimes known as an optical network terminal (ONT).

Remote Power Components to Suit Your Needs

Our remote power solution makes distance and simplicity a reality through the following components:

Power supply unit (PSU 6), which offers up to 12 ports and requires only one rack unit per chassis.

Modular, 57 VDC power supply module (PSM-I)

Class-3 rated copper fiber composite cabling: These cables are suitable for use with Digital Electricity™ and +/-190VDC installations in accordance with NEC Article 830.15. They may also be used with low-voltage installations in accordance with NEC Article 725

  • Actifed® cable options, ranging from 1 F to 24 F and 2 Cu to 12 Cu conductors
  • Copper conductors ranging in size from 20- to 12AWG 
  • Cables can support devices directly or via a connection
  • Bulk cables can be ordered for easy termination in the field when run lengths are unknown, allowing Class 3 low-voltage power distribution over distances much farther than the 300-ft limit through category cables.

Expand the Possibilities for End-User Applications

Starting in the local closet, power injection (PI), the power supply unit (PSU 6), and ActiFi® cables reduce layers of infrastructure and allow for the transmission of data at great distances. Corning remote power solution can also deliver power to remote devices, like SDANs, DAS remote access units, and ONTs (SDANs). 

In turn, an SDAN offers fast network connections and enables the delivery of Power over Ethernet (PoE) and POE+, which can deliver key end-user applications such as access control devices, security cameras, wireless access points (WAPs), and security phones at distances exceeding 2,000 ft.

Corning optical network terminals can provide multiple ports of PoE (15.4 W), PoE+ (30 W), and PoE++ (60 W), allowing for network connection flexibility. Power over Ethernet can also be managed down to the port level, while device traffic and operations can be monitored using a software management platform without going to remote locations. The ability to locate remote devices in a single closet reduces costs and increases efficiency – a big advantage of implementing Corning SD-LAN.

Composite Cable Distance Lengths

  30W 60W 75W
20 AWG 590 ft 295 ft 235 ft
16 AWG 1,500 ft 750 ft 600 ft
14 AWG >2,000 ft 1,190 ft 950 ft
12 AWG   >2,000 ft 1,895 ft 1,500 ft

Consult Corning Solutions Architecture Team for Distances over 2,000 ft.
Calculations in table based on following assumptions:
1. Temperature: +45° C
2. Wire type: Stranded copper
3. Power Supply: PSU6-1U with PSM-I power supply modules
    a: 57 V maximum voltage output
    b: 100 W maximum power output
4. Minimum ONT input voltage: 48 V
5. These distances are estimated

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