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'Realizing the Vision' of a World Inspired by Glass

Glass is at the heart of some of the most spectacular innovations shaping the modern world – and Corning continues to lead the conversation among top companies bringing those inventions to life. 

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3D Glass – It's the Shape of Things to Come

Glass covers are pushing lots of things over the edge.

Brilliant smartphone images once bordered by a narrow frame can now flow seamlessly down the sides, creating a striking new visual experience. Glass-encased car dashboards curve gently, elegantly, and provide tough, interactive display space where there was once nothing but plastic.

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Cost Savings, Efficient Construction, Innovative Design: Glass Offers It All

Gleaming glass finishes are a hallmark of today’s sleek building designs – and that’s just part of the story.

Modern glass also combines perfectly with some of the construction industry’s latest technology, resulting in a whole new level of efficiency and affordability.

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Boundless Potential Lies Ahead for Glass Innovation

Since the beginning of time, fascination with the unknown has launched sailing ships, ignited experiments, and propelled rockets into space. Explorers, whether they gaze out at the horizon or peer into a microscope, have always been relentless about unlocking secrets and opening the world.

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Glass Heroes

They are visionaries… pioneers… renegades. They are scientists… artists… innovators. Through glass, they see possibility and create a new reality.

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Oxygen, Meet Silicon – And Let the Glassmaking Begin

Oxides – the chemical compounds that make up glass – represent most fundamental of chemical pairings:  at least one oxygen atom with one other element.

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Remarkable Glass Is the Stuff of Legends from Ancient Rome

Did flexible glass, so strong that a dent could be knocked out with a hammer, exist in first-century Rome? Probably not  —  but its stories do hold a small, intriguing place in ancient folklore.

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Glasslab: All the World’s a Stage for Designers and Glassmakers

What if some of the world’s most innovative designers joined forces with skilled glassmakers to transform concept sketches into glass prototypes? What if they could come together anywhere in the world in a portable, state-of-the-art laboratory? Better yet, what if the public could watch and marvel at the creativity unfolding before their eyes?

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Glass Is Elevating Interior Design to the Next Level

Imagine standing in an elevator that looks like wood, but isn’t made of wood. Or an elevator filled with a vibrant blue color that will never fade. Both of these are possible thanks to glass.

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Museum Expands to Create a New Experience with Glass

Imagine standing in a bright, clean space. A space that is filled with natural light and beautiful works of art in glass. This is an “ephemeral space in which objects can live,” and it is all coming together with an expansion at the Corning Museum of Glass.

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The Secret of Tough Glass: Ion Exchange

How can today’s high-tech glass – found on smartphones, elevator walls, public kiosks, and more — be so tough that it withstands all the dropping, scratching, and splattering of everyday life?

Part of the answer lies in the ion-exchange process – a scientific treatment of the glass surface to dramatically increase its toughness.

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When Art and Science Converge

A musician has just discovered a new chord.

This is how Albert Paley feels while working with specialty glass. Albert, an American sculptor who works primarily with metal, has spent more than 40 years creating a prolific body of work that includes large-scale pieces such as the Portal Gates for the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. 

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TV Hosts Peer into Future of Glass Iin New Videos

Two popular television hosts use a sledgehammer, a power saw, and some explosive visual effects to demonstrate amazing glass properties in a set of short, entertaining videos now live on Corning’s YouTube channel.

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Glass Holds the Key to Revolutionary Improvement in Automobiles

Jot down a few things you wish were different about your car.

It’s a safe bet that better gas mileage, faster acceleration, and a more pleasant riding experience are part of the list.

New innovations in glass are making those wishes a reality for tomorrow’s drivers.

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