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Design & Application

Design & Application

The perfect fusion of form & function

Glass is poised to become the quintessential material for unlocking new capabilities and applications. Architects, designers, engineers, and more have embraced glass for its unique transformative properties and undeniable style. See how today’s thin, durable, flexible glass is making their designs more practical than ever.

‘Realizing the Vision’ of a World Inspired by Glass

Glass is at the heart of some of the most spectacular innovations shaping the modern world – and Corning continues to lead the conversation among top companies bringing those inventions to life.

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Glass Holds the Key to Revolutionary Improvement in Automobiles

New innovations in glass are making better gas mileage, faster acceleration, and a more pleasant riding experience a reality for tomorrow’s drivers.

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Museum Expands to Create a New Experience with Glass

Imagine standing in a bright, clean space. A space that is filled with natural light and beautiful works of art in glass. This is an “ephemeral space in which objects can live,” and it is all coming together with an expansion at the Corning Museum of Glass.

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A Window to the World

Imagine a glass that changes from transparent to opaque – or even somewhere between the extremes – on demand. A glass that helps decrease your energy bill and bring in just the right amount of natural, comforting light. All of this is possible with dynamic glass for windows from View, Inc.

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Reasons Designers Love Creating With Glass

ASTRO Studios, specializes in commercializing consumer products and brands for a wide range of markets.  Like most designers, we crave diversity, a competitive edge and uniqueness in the type of projects we work on.  Typically we need to solve functional problems, advance market perceptions or even generate new iconic forms to lead the creative process.  With increased frequency, we’re finding some form of glass helps us achieve these goals.

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Making Smartphones Smarter

Today, researchers from Corning, N.Y., and Montreal are exploring an emerging technology that enables multiple layers of sensors to be embedded into the glass on your smartphone. These sensors could be used for biomedical or food safety applications, as an added layer of security in mobile financial transactions, or could even enable  transparent touchscreens on windows, countertops, or walls. Perhaps this futuristic world is not too far away.

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The Synergy of Glass and Light

Glass and lighting have been a complimentary pair for centuries. The purity of glass allows it to handle light in a functional yet visually stunning way. Today, these combined attributes are creating new design possibilities through a glass optical fiber optimized for thin, colorful, aesthetic lighting.

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Glass: A Flexible Material

Chris Lefteri examines new strides in glass, the once fragile and brittle material that, through technology, offers both flexibility and transparency, and as such is guaranteeing its place in the future. Lefteri, a designer and author, has helped some of the world’s largest consumer brands formulate new strategies for effective materials integration during the design process.

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GlassLab: All the World's a Stage for Designers and Glassmakers

What if some of the world’s most innovative designers joined forces with skilled glassmakers to transform concept sketches into glass prototypes? What if they could come together anywhere in the world in a portable, state-of-the-art laboratory? Better yet, what if the public could watch and marvel at the creativity unfolding before their eyes?

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Cost Savings, Efficient Construction, Innovative Design: Glass Offers It All

Gleaming glass finishes are a hallmark of today’s sleek building designs – and that’s just part of the story.

Modern glass also combines perfectly with some of the construction industry’s latest technology, resulting in a whole new level of efficiency and affordability.

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Glass Is the Key to Super-Slim TVs with Brilliant Images

Large-screen, ultra-high-definition (UHD) televisions the thickness of a smartphone might have been unthinkable until fairly recently. But innovations in glass technology are making them possible today.

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Glass Is Elevating Interior Design to the Next Level

Imagine standing in an elevator that looks like wood, but isn’t made of wood. Or an elevator filled with a vibrant blue color that will never fade. Both of these are possible thanks to glass.

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Glass Cooks Up Creative Kitchen Design Possibilities

Remarkable glass as thin as 200 microns – about the same as a sheet of paper —  has become the ideal kitchen laminate, forming a tough, super-sheer cover to rigid design materials. Its optical clarity lets the foundation material shine through while greatly enhancing the surface properties.

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3D Glass - It's the Shape of Things to Come

Glass covers are pushing lots of things over the edge.

Brilliant smartphone images once bordered by a narrow frame can now flow seamlessly down the sides, creating a striking new visual experience. Glass-encased car dashboards curve gently, elegantly, and provide tough, interactive display space where there was once nothing but plastic.

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