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Asia-Pacific Region Careers Spotlight

Asia-Pacific Region Careers Spotlight

Why Corning Asia?

Why Corning Asia?

Corning began investing in the Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) nearly 80 years ago. Today, we have offices in China, Japan, India, Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam. We believe the Asia-Pacific region holds great potential for growth and development of technologies for many of our products. The growth we anticipate is driven by three factors: deregulation and privatization of telecommunications, increased market demand for precision LCD glass and increased need for environmental technologies.

A career with Corning offers growth through a range of challenging assignments and experiences. It’s common for colleagues from different continents and different backgrounds to work closely together on a single project. Our passion for innovation means we must always be open to new points of view. We come together with a global mindset, enabling us to work effectively with people from around the world.

"There are lots of reasons to come and work for Corning."

Our Businesses, Your Opportunity

A career with us enables you to gain valuable experience

in a global organization, with all the connections and benefits that brings.

Our Featured Regions

Corning China

At Corning in China, you are exposed to new challenges in a wide range of industries and businesses.

The Corning greater China region is represented by all Corning businesses. Since the company entered the China market nearly three decades ago, Corning has established strong leadership in key industries to support the country’s fast economic development. Through developing local talent, Corning is well positioned to continue its success in China.

Corning offers experience in a global organization and it prepares employees to succeed to reach their full potential. No matter where you work and what your role is, you feel part of something big, part of the team that is shaping the future of the world.

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Corning Taiwan

We established five facilities in Taiwan,
across Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan.

Corning today is a recognized and admired employer, employing a team of about 3,000 people in Taiwan. We are dedicated to being a model corporate citizen — we consistently contribute to local communities and look after the environment in which we all live and work.

Corning first established a presence in Taiwan in 1971. Today, Taiwan is home to two of Corning’s largest plants. We are the largest foreign manufacturing investor and committed to unceasing investment in Taiwan, having invested billions of US dollars in the market.

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Other APAC Countries

Australia, India, Japan, Korea,
Singapore, and Thailand.

Our employees say Corning's comprehensive training programs equip them with the skills and confidence to launch into their destiny.

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  • India
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
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