Social Responsibility and Values | Life Sciences | Corning

Corning sites and employees work to celebrate diversity, promote a sense of belonging, and provide support structures for people of all ages and backgrounds.

COVID Response

During the peak of COVID-19, Corning worked to put the world’s crisis first. Once the demand for COVID response was clear, Corning reworked production lines to maximize support for the scientific community. Not only do we manufacture glass vials for the vaccine, but also key materials used for scientific testing and research. From the pandemic, we have learned that preparedness for world health crises is critical. With forward thinking capabilities, we are more prepared to weather the storms that are to come than ever before.

Our People

Corning is committed to serving our communities through organizing company volunteering events and supporting individual volunteering efforts. During 2021, we did not let COVID shutdowns get in our way – employees volunteered over 750 hours with more than 25 community organizations.

The Corning Foundation’s Dollars for Doers program provides cash grants to eligible US-based nonprofit organizations where Corning employees volunteer.

Corning Foundation

The Corning Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Corning Incorporated. The Foundation runs several programs to support vibrant communities through direct grants to nonprofits, matching employee donations, grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer, and employee-initiated grant programs.

Direct Grant Program

Corning Life Sciences business segments have awarded more than $1 million in direct grants to over 100 community organizations since 2018.