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Ready to get started in 3D cell culture? You’ve come to the right place. 

3D Spheroids Simplified with Corning

Generate, culture, assay, and analyze your spheroids all in one microplate. The Corning® spheroid microplate features a novel and proprietary design that allows you to use one microplate to achieve all of these steps without manipulating or transferring delicate spheroids.

The microplates feature black opaque walls and clear, round well-bottom geometry, as well as the Corning Ultra-Low Attachment (ULA) surface, which is hydrophilic, biologically inert and non-degradable. All Corning spheroid microplates feature a unique well-bottom design that enables highly reproducible growth of 3D spheroid cultures. The opaque side walls and gridded bottom design reduce well-to-well cross-talk and background fluorescence/luminescence. The Corning spheroid microplate is available in 96-384-, and 1536-well formats


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