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Corning aspires to maintain the highest standards of integrity in all of our business transactions.

Processes Designed to Protect

Processes Designed to Protect

Corning's processes are at the core of our business success. Ensuring those processes reflect our corporate Values and are executed with integrity is how we maintain our position in the global marketplace and maintain the respect of our employees, customers, stakeholders, investors, and suppliers. These processes help to safeguard one of Corning’s most important assets – information – and they help ensure responsible stewardship for our stakeholders. They also help enable Corning’s reputation as an attractive investment opportunity.

Corning is committed to engaging with our stakeholders. This table documents the stakeholder groups, the engagement channels and the key topics addressed via our engagements.

Tony Tripeny, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

"Corning is committed to doing business with integrity. Our Values form the unwavering, ethical compass that guides our business decisions and our interactions with employees, customers, and shareholders."