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Global Energy Management

We have a long-term view of energy conservation and global energy management that includes the environmentally responsible and cost-effective use of energy in our facilities around the world.

Aggressively Investing in Energy Efficiency

Corning’s Global Energy Management (GEM) program strategically manages the company’s global energy usage with consideration to energy productivity, power supply reliability, and environmental impact. GEM recently expanded its scope to include water management and a greater focus on renewable energy.

GEM’s mission is to "innovate and be responsible users of energy, water, and other natural resources. Inspired by Corning’s culture of innovation, GEM will continuously improve reliability, efficiency, and productivity in a quest to make customers and the company more competitive and to support healthier communities around the world."

GEM teams at every Corning facility around the world execute five strategies to achieve this mission:

  1. Continuously improve energy, water, and natural resource management in operations.

  2. Incorporate energy, water, and natural resource innovation in product development, product design, and manufacturing processes.

  3. Engage employees and suppliers in energy, water, and natural resource management.

  4. Ensure Corning meets customer requirements regarding energy, water, and natural resource utilization.

  5. Analyze and communicate Corning’s progress and successes in energy, water, and natural resource innovation to internal and external stakeholders.


Due to its efforts, GEM has helped Corning achieve the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award for seven consecutive years, and several Corning plants have achieved the ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry. Learn more about Corning's valued relationship with ENERGY STAR.

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