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Phoenix Arizona Plant Drives Environmental Improvements

Phoenix Plant Drives Environmental Improvements

Employees at the Optical Communications plant in Phoenix, Arizona are driving an award-winning environmental program that, in two years, has resulted in a significant reduction in waste going to landfill, reduction in overall water use, and a big increase in recycling efforts.

Initial planning for waste reductions at the plant began in 2014; however, it was the eager engagement of almost 300 employees that supported efforts for waste reduction, water recycling/reuse and recycling programs at the site. 

Employee engagement resulted in significant positive improvements and change.

The plant, which produces radio-frequency connectors for broadband, military, and aerospace applications, saw the following environmental improvements from 2014 through 2016:

  • Decreased industrial waste going to landfill by 31 percent in 2015, with a continued focus on waste reduction opportunities.
  • Established a sitewide recycling team and expanded single-stream recycling throughout the facility, which led to a 46 percent jump in recycling in 2015. In comparison, only cardboard was recycled in 2014.
  • Reduced water use in the plant processes by decreasing the manufacturing footprint of select lines and monitoring, measuring and controlling water use more effectively.  This led to a 28 percent decrease in sitewide water use (2015-2016).

In addition, Earth Day events associated with the plant site raised awareness in 2015 and 2016. Employees recycled approximately 3,000 pounds of electronics from their homes each year, and shredded approximately 2,700 pounds of paper in 2016. 

In 2016, the plant partnered with a local vendor to begin a compost initiative to recycle paper towels, plates, and food waste as it moves closer to its zero-landfill goal. The plant met its objectives of 96 percent landfill-free over the past two years, raising the bar for other Corning facilities.