PureCoat ECM Mimetic

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PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware

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Give PureCoat a Try, Request a Free Sample

Give PureCoat a Try, Request a Free Sample

Enhance your defined, animal-free cell environments

Request a PureCoat ECM evaluation and receive a free sample.

Give PureCoat ECM mimetic cultureware—a next-generation family of chemically defined, animal-free surfaces from Corning—a try. Request a complimentary sample. 

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Webinar: PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware

Webinar: PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware

Join Dr. Deepa Saxena, Senior Development Scientist, as she presents this informative webinar.

Defined, Animal-free Synthetic Surfaces for Culture of Cell Types Relevant in Clinical Research.

Growing concerns about introducing human- and animal-derived pathogens into cell culture necessitate the need for animal-free cell culture environments. Learn how PureCoat ECM mimetic cultureware presents a defined, synthetic surface for cell culture without compromising performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about PureCoat? Take a look at these answers to frequently asked questions.

PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware: Frequently Asked Questions

From manufacturing details to shelf life and storage requirements, get answers to common questions about PureCoat surface coatings.

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PureCoat Cultureware Brochure

PureCoat Cultureware Brochure

Enable a fully defined cell culture environment with the scientifically defined

PureCoat ECM Mimetic Cultureware: The First Animal-free Synthetic Surface to Mimic Natural ECM

From product details and cell line compatibility to application guidance, learn more about how you can promote optimal cell binding and signaling in a broad range of serum-free, xeno-free, and animal-free media formulations.

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