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Building Backbone

Building Backbone

Building Backbone

Local Area Networks Building Backbone

Five Things You Should Know About Fibre Optics in the Local Area Network

Five Things to Know About Fibre Optics in the LAN

  1. Lifecycle operating and maintenance expenditures for a facility can be up to 40 times greater than its design and construction of the facility – that includes your LAN.

  2. Bandwidth demand will only grow, not shrink, in your local area network. Your LAN must support not only today's demands for voice, video and data, but future requirements like security and building automation.

  3. fibre optics are usually the less costly investment for your local area network because of its nearly limitless bandwidth capacity and ease of upgrade.

  4. Optical fibre has become easier and faster to install – copper can't say the same.

  5. The amount of information carried in two strands of optical fibre requires a copper cable four inches in diametre. If you're considering copper, have you got room to spare – or grow -- in your LAN cabling space?


Tools and services to help you.

Building Backbone Products

Building Backbone Products

Our comprehensive online product catalog has everything you need for a tip-to-tip building backbone solution.

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Building Backbone Product Selection Guide

Building Backbone Product Selection Guide

Whether your building backbone application calls for outdoor cable or indoor/outdoor cable, splicing or direct termination, we have the solution for you.

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Bill-of-Materials Tool

Bill-of-Materials Tool

Download our bill-of-materials tool for the fastest, easiest way to select the fibre optic products you need for your building backbone.

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Product Highlight

WCH Improvements at a Glance

WCH Improvements at a Glance

What's in it for you? WCH Innovation by the Numbers

  • 40% reduction in overall splicing installation time
  • 65% fewer tools required for housing installation

Easy Installation

  • The Level: We’ve integrated a bubble level into our WCH housings for fast and accurate mounting
  • The Teardrop: Raised dual teardrop mounting points for easier, single-installer mounting


  • Closet Connector Housing (CCH) cassettes or Panels: You can use the same panels and cassettes you use with your rack-mount CCH Housings for scalability
  • Cable Management: Cable knockouts with dust brush protection and removable strain relief brackets give you more, and easier, options for managing your cables

fibre Management

  • Routing Guides: Our popular CCH rack-mount hardware routing guides have been included in the WCH family, and can be removed as needed for your installation
  • Dedicated Routing Area: Keep your fibre and cable separated with a dedicated routing area for the buffer tubes and subunits of your cable

Jumper Management - Integrated Bar

  • The built-in jumper management bar provides added strain relief

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