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Today’s world depends on fast-flowing information,
and plenty of it  Corning continues to revolutionise
the way data keeps moving 

Faster Broadband and Beyond

Faster Broadband and Beyond

Internet users  – consumers and business organisations alike – are sending, receiving and storing more data than ever before. With network usage doubling every couple of years, worldwide demand for bandwidth is also sky rocketing. That’s putting extra pressure on the edges of networks, closest to where the data is created.

It’s no easy task to create seamless bandwidth capacity across continents or within a complex environment like a hospital, data centre or sports stadium. But as a world leader in this market, Corning provides a powerful combination of optical solutions to meet the very toughest of network demands.

We helped to enable the Internet explosion when our scientists developed the world’s first low-loss optical fibre in 1970. Building on the knowledge that optical fibre far surpasses copper in terms of bandwidth capacity – while also being strong, lightweight, and flexible – we quickly expanded our products and innovations. Fibre-to-the-home, wireless, data centre solutions and consumer products are all part of our innovative portfolio.

Today, we continue to set the standard for the cutting-edge fibre, cable, connectivity and wireless solutions to keep the world more connected than ever before. Our innovations also help our customers – in healthcare, government, finance and a host of other industries – to take full advantage of emerging phenomena like remote storage, cloud computing and fibre-to-the-desktop.

What Corning Offers

What Corning Offers

By working closely with our customers, we gain a thorough understanding of their challenges in tough network environments. We use that knowledge to develop full-scale solutions to meet their specific needs.

That’s how we’ve developed such revolutionary product families as Corning® ClearCurve® optical fibre, which can bend tightly around corners – or UniCam connectors, which let field technicians spend less than a minute performing a task that used to take six or eight.

And that’s how we developed the remarkable all-optical network for Texas A&M’s Kyle Field, converging multiple communications platforms into one and letting more than 100,000 fans use the Internet with ease – all for a fraction of the cost of the school’s original upgrade plan.

With our deep knowledge of materials science, optics and global manufacturing platforms, we are also able to constantly improve our products. And we continue to meet our customers’ most demanding project challenges, keeping massive amounts of data flowing seamlessly around the world.

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