Michael Ringquist | R&D Internship Program | Corning

Michael Ringquist

Michael Ringquist

Michael Ringquist

He plans to enter the industry — which includes aerospace and materials manufacturing — as an engineer 

Corning Incorporated sent Michael out of Corning, N.Y., and into another state during the second week of his internship this past summer.

“I went to set up and work with some strength-testing equipment for glass,” Michael said, who is currently in his fifth year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). 

“It was going to be used to get data for one of my projects, but problems occurred, and basically we found out that we need to make some changes to the equipment.”

Despite the hiccup while traveling, Michael, a native of Northfield, Conn., spent the summer working on the reliability of advanced glass at Corning’s main facility, Sullivan Park.

The mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering major plans to enter the industry (aerospace, materials manufacturing, etc.) as an engineer. 

When he’s not delving into science, Michael enjoys Tang Soo Do, in which he is a second-degree black belt, and rowing crew.